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XENARC NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED is the new highlight on the xenon market. The reliable OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER generation is available for the first time as a xenon variant. And that certainly pays: With up to 70 % more light than standard xenon lamps, the new OSRAM lamp is already the most powerful xenon automotive light in the world, and even more powerful than the XENARC SILVERSTAR predecessor model.

OSRAM XENARC NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED represents pure performance. The increased light quantity compared to standard xenon lamps ensures visibly better illumination of the road surface. This means  greater visibility and a significantly longer response time. Added to this is the 20 meter-longer light cone and up to 5 % whiter light compared to standard xenon headlamps. Perfect for fatigue-free and comfortable drives.

Product features
  • Up to 70 % more light on the road
  • Light cone up to 20 meters longer
  • Up to 5 % whiter light
  • Efficient xenon technology
  • The most powerful xenon automotive lighting in the world

Xenon lamps from OSRAM: standards for quantity of light, efficiency and service life

With the XENARC lamp family, OSRAM offers suitable products for any xenon headlight system. Xenon lamps from OSRAM set standards for quantity of light, efficiency and service life. Please note: XENARC lamps are only permitted for use in special xenon headlights and should always be replaced as pairs. Relamping is best carried out by qualified personnel.

 Above price is for 1 Bulb.


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